Cutterskink: Patrick Seabase on the Grimsel Pass Aug 31, 2010

Photo by Ian White

From one use of the fixed drivetrain to the other comes some new stuff from Patrick Seabase. Ian White of Cutterskink got the opportunity to film Patrick as he bombed the infamous Grimsel Pass. All the talk about bombing hills seems muted at the moment… Damn. Head over to Cutterskink for the full story!

  • Chris

    I’m sure all the roadies will contend that using a brakeless track bike for applications like this is pointless and anachronistic. I contend that Seabase is fucking badass. I guess we all find meaning in what we choose to do one way or another.

  • dontcoast

    wow. that’s some serious hill climbing/bombing. did he climb the whole thing on the same gear he bombed it in?

    let’s see furka pass next!

  • Where’s his helmet? I think I’d want some skull protection at those speeds, he’s already wearing a kit no reason not to finish his outfit. #JustSayin’