Chris Piascik: All My Bikes 05 Aug 6, 2010

Sometimes upgrading your bike means downgrading your frame. That’s what happened when Chris traded his Robinson SST for this GT Interceptor. Technically, the SST was a better quality frame than the GT but the SST didn’t come equipped with Redline Flight Series 3-piece cranks. It’s the modern day equivalent of trading a Panasonic with Sugino 75’s for a Bareknuckle with Campy Record. Or something like that…

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  • Thanks as always John! Nice analogy! haha

  • blair

    oh man, i remember in high school saving my money for what seemed like FOREVER for redline 3pc cranks. they cost almost $200, and when i got them i was like literally beaming. plus, free allen wrench with a t-handle! hahaha!!!

  • Terry B

    I had flights, the single pinch bolt, on my Interceptor as well!
    Napa, CA ABA track every Wednesday and Sunday!!