Cherubim Cycles for Sexon Super Peace Aug 15, 2010

Now, if you recall the history of 3Rensho, Yoshi Konno, in his first year of business called his company Cherubim Cycles, which later turned into 3Rensho. This was around 1978. Now, Yoshi hasn’t built frames in some time but as I was checking my Flickr contacts this morning, I came across this frame on Hugeblock’s stream. A company under the Cherubim guise has constructed this lovely Keirin-inspired frameset for Japanese track bike boutique Sexon Super Peace. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because I did a Tokyo Bike Shop profile on them last summer.

I’ve got so many questions about this project but the biggest one is who is Cherubim Cycles? Maybe you recall the Urban Velo 2009 NAHBS set? Shin-ichi Konno is Yoshi Konno’s brother. Hitoshi Konno was Shin-ichi’s and Yoshi’s father. He started Cherubim in 1965 and built pistas for the 1968 Olympics. Later, Yoshi picked up the Cherubim name in 1978 and switched to 3Rensho shortly thereafter. Leaving the Cherubim name to his family.

Bottom line is, Cherubim is alive and well and the name lives on with Hitoshi’s spirit through the hands of Shin-ichi. If you need an example of this, check out the rest of the photos on Hugeblock’s Flickr. Based on Cherubim’s standard custom price of about $1,500, I’m going to guess this frameset will go for a little more than that. It’s a stellar deal for sure! Assuming it is for sale.

  • chern.

    hello, the frame is around 220,000 yen.

    the show bike (pictured) is costing 500,000 yen.

  • thanks for the info!

  • ryan

    holy moly that is beautiful.

  • Cyclone, San rensho, Cherubim, Makino,the chiba/tokyo
    superfamily, its all super incestuous. We actually have a Cherubim cyclone at the bar,
    its not ridable but makes great
    decoration.also a few cherubim/3rensho stickers. Rew10
    works studied under cherubim. some of the cleanest bikes I
    have ever seen. in all catagories, not just NJS.