Chari & Co: Grime Restocks Aug 4, 2010

Krillz and co have been busy busy busy sweating out the summer heat in the Grime HQ in Brooklyn screening shirts for the masses. When I say masses, I mean Chari & Co‘s customer base. They just dropped off a stack of tee’s so grab one here before they’re gone.

  • Grime stole their website from me

    Why do you continue to support them?

  • eec23


  • oh snaps


    oh snap


  • joe krillz

    Grime doesnt make websites, we payed someone to do it and had no idea it was copied. We actually didnt even love it. Sorry 126! Will be changed immediately.

    I bet your hits went thru the roof today though =

  • brooklyn/finest

    you why the fuck you dude from onetwetysix go suck a nut is a web code you got jquery free is not like they stole you gay as prints or shit like that fucking douche-bags go make shirt for fags

  • as SOON as i found out our web designer was ripping you off i had the whole site shut down. I didnt have anything to do with the site and am not cool with ripping anyones designs off. so dont be a troll dude, were only doing what we like, we hired someone who turned out to be a joke.
    our bad.
    its over.

    -The Grime