Brev M. Bombardiere Fork Aug 5, 2010

I caught this on Brev M’s Twitter last week and was planning on incorporating it in an update to that fork post I made a while back but I’ve got bigger plans for the post (which involve a delay to the update) so here it is. Brev M. decided it wasn’t enough to just make grips, pedals, bars and wheels anymore. They’ve got bigger fish to fry with the introduction of the Bombardiere fork. A 410mm a-t-c unicrown fork for your 1 1/8″ fixed freestyle rig.

Not bad. Also in the fork fam is their Robusto fork but it’s only sporting a 380mm a-t-c.


  • gus

    ive been testing this fork out for awhile now and its a champ!

  • mike

    the BREV M fork looks like this fork

    or what do you think?
    guess it is all taiwan produce?

  • George

    I guess they both went to the same booth at the Interbike/Eurobike and got a fork made! Same like the GOrilla frames, they looked exactly like the Bareknuckle’s…

  • Those two forks look pretty different to me :S

  • sebastian

    do you mean the angle of how they where photographed? cuz, sorry, but they look very similar to me!

  • mikus

    same same, same company, same design, same fork, but different branding! that’s how it is nowadays!

  • Luke

    Those two forks are not the same, check dropout extension below fork blade, dropout shape, straight blades vs. tapered blades, angled blades vs. parallel blades, etc.

    Sorta nitpicky, but in an industry like bikes, details count.

  • Simon

    But, they were probably made in the same factory, let’s see if we read about it later? If they last? Cuz, if anything bad happens, I am sure someone knows how to write bad about it…

  • kevin

    can this fork be put on my 2010 speciale fixed so that it can perform barspins? or the geometry of the frame still won’t clear a 700x23c?

    sorry. still a fixie noob here,