Brenton Salo: Tyler Johnson Gap Aug 24, 2010

Photo by Brenton Salo

I love this photo of Tyler hitting a ledge to rail gap. Even though the architect in me hates how the handrail and retaining wall aren’t parallel. Oh well! Go check out the rest of Brenton Salo’s photos from Tyler’s trip to Portland here!

  • Brad

    Agreed on that; however, it was probably the underpaid construction workers fault.

  • hors

    Uhhhh.. Scissor??

  • Pretty sure that’s J Ruff’s. Tyler only brought his commuter with him.

  • tyler johnson

    Thanks for the post prolly, and it is J Ruff’s bike. Ill send ya that video once I get it from this portland kid.

  • dope

  • Jim

    this is what happens when the architect and civil engineer dont communicate.