BÖIKZMÖIND: Newport Velodrome Aug 16, 2010

If I had a bar or a coffee shop, I’d project this video on a wall 24/7. It’s really surreal, especially with the lack of sound. The Track Dropouts crew visited the Newport Velodrome with BÖIKZMÖIND and this is the raw footage from their visit. That Glidetracking looks spot-on!

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  • OliC

    i’ve ridden there a couple of times, lovely noise the wood makes!

    going down the main straight, the mountain biker in me, being on a fixed wheel bike for the first time in my life, went to wipe my nose on my glove as you do. instinctivly i went to freewheel and nearly got chucked over the front.

    i’m doing all right on a fixed now.
    vtt for life though!