Bikes are Bikes Aug 23, 2010


It’s not often that things like this get under my skin. The “I ride track bikes, not trick bikes” line was well worn out come 2008. Now with fixed freestyle’s increasing popularity, there seems to be a slight resurgence in this useless banter which is why I’m speaking for most of us who ride fixed freestyle when I say this.

Look, we all started riding fixed freestyle because we rode track bikes. Well, at least most of us anyway. I personally still ride my vintage track bike all the time, in fact usually more than my fixed freestyle. Bottom line is this: bikes are bikes. Don’t hate on derailleurs and freewheels until you’ve tried them. And who cares what kind of fixed gear you ride, just ride a bike!

End rant.

  • John C


  • because riding a fixed gear trick bike is stupid, but riding a bike meant for the velodrome is totally practical. yeahhhhhhh.

  • agreed!

  • chris m

    Couldn’t agree with you more. I see this way too much, working at a bike shop and then riding around the city, I see too many people worried about what kind of bike you are riding. It doesn’t matter. Just ride!

  • prettyboy


  • K Griffin


  • matts

    one of your best posts

  • woah this has nothing to do with me. random.

  • Thanks Prolly

  • saint words fella…saint words!!

  • Bobbyd215

    Cheers As someone who rides a freewheel I get the stare of disapproval from many fixsters, as if i’m just not “cool” enough. If you ride, you ride and we all should be happy with that.

  • Carl Lucas

    I second that motion.

  • sprinkle

    Completely agree on this rant.

  • Andy,

    I race track bikes on the track (well, a few times anyway).



  • Those dudes at Kissena are no joke!

  • auhsoJ

    Basically, if you ride a freewheel or a fixed with a brake you’re a big pussy. If you ride a track instead of a trick you’ll go faster, look better but you won’t be able to do anything else. I sometimes wish I had a trick bike because it can take a beating…

  • Luc

    Great post

  • snewman


    now gimme a medal.

  • drawler

    If you punched up the “&” sign, made it like 20% darker this would read way doper as a graphic, in my opinion.

    nice words.

  • dontcoast

    i just rebuilt my old work track bike and it’s amazing and
    totally different than my amazing road race bike

    which is totally different then my amazing hauling/touring/heavy as shit cross bike

    which are all different than all the amazing choppers and urban assault and tallbikes and cruisers and whatnot ive had

    but you know what? ive never been into bmx or recumbents. bmx and recumbents must suck!!!! and i’ve never owned a 29’er so they must be awful!!!! oh… i have a 700c bike with fat tires…ummm


  • kosovo

    I ride a SS because I’m also a competing kickboxer and I need healthy knees!

    I live in Williamsburg, and I’m just waiting for someone to say something… :D