Ask Prolly: What Bike Shops Do I Visit in NYC? Aug 9, 2010

As a continuation of this series, here’s the latest question to come across my inbox. In one form or another, this is probably the most asked question I receive as a cyclist living and riding in NYC:

“I’m in New York on the 20th and I’m keen to look at some bike shops that deal with the whole track bike world. I want to hopefully pick up a new track frame, new courier bag, gloves etc. and just check out what’s new and going on in the culture of Track bikes in NYC. So, if it’s not too much trouble, I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction with a list of shops to go to, and just general must see’s and do’s?”

Here’s a list of bike shops that I frequent by borough:

Affinity Cycles
Post Bikes
Bike Doc
B’s Bikes
Bushwick Bikes
Outlier Showroom (open Saturdays)
King Kog
Brooklyn Bike & Board

Chari & Co
NYC Velo
Bike Works
Rapha Cycling Club
Chrome (new store opening soon. 238 Mulberry Street)
Continuum Cycles
Bicycle Habitat

New Jersey:
Grove St. Bicycles

Of course there are tons more but these are the ones I’ve had a personal experience at. I’ve probably missed a few, so politely remind me in the comments!

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  • Keisuke Omi

    Chrome is open now – I visited it this past weekend. They have a nice pair of pants called the Natoma that isn’t listed on their site yet. It’s gray-ish purple-ish and it stretches really well but looks like a normal pair of pants. They had Loop knickers that are listed as out of stock on their site too.

  • Grove Street is about 7 minutes on the path from world trade, stop by.

  • I will throw in Trackstar. Drool, drool, drool all over the bikes when I was last in NYC.

  • Trackstar is no more homie!

  • grammar police

    borough is not spelled “Burrough” and it also does not require capitalization. also, NJ is not a a “Burrough”.

  • wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Dwain.

    Grove St. is 7 minutes from Manhattan.

  • tymy

    what about Brooklyn Machine Works?

  • It’s not a shop. I dunno if they’d want me sending a ton of people to their facilities.

  • gotta shout out outlier for the finest cycling goods. and they’re in brooklyn on saturdays.

    also, the most slept on bike shop in NYC is Conrad’s in Tudor City. I would trust those guys with my life. And if you chat them up a bit, you’ll be able to sneak a peek at some museum quality bikes he has towards the back (de rosas, colnagos, merckx’s, etc). he occasionally has great deals on used stuff that other customers have left on consignment. i got a great deal on my record 10 that way.

  • pachius

    i should have asked earlier.

  • rokso

    There’s two dudes in bicycle habitat that are way snobby I don’t mess with that place no more but everyone else is nice

  • vas

    you forgot Dah Shop!!!

  • Tsaat

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