Ares Bykes: Split Fork Aug 11, 2010

Sigh. I’m not one to be negative often but when I see shit like this, I can’t help but facepalm. Maybe if it was 2006 again and there were no options for barspinz but it’s 2010 and there are countless frames and forks available. Not to mention that this looks like a deathtrap. If changing 30mm of rake is important to you, check out more info at Ares Bykes. The only use that might be applicaple would be for fixed flatland a la Lindsey’s riding in Bootleg Sessions 4. Rather than flipping the fork around for less rake, you could slide it back in the loop-fork end. I guess.

  • well, i suppose there should be some regard for innovation. that’s more than i can say for many start up bike-based companies.

  • Big Mike

    Raise your hand if you thought this was a beer opener when you first saw it…

  • hand raised

  • jarshy

    can’t hate on progression. no matter how bad the execution may be, at least they’re trying.

  • dmg

    That would be a cool idea for non-trick applications (think of a porteur bike which you could make low trail when you’re carrying a heavy load on your front rack, and keep at medium trail for snappier steering when not). Seems a little sketchy for situations where your wheel be slid back and out of the ‘dropout’, but whatevs.

  • ::raises hand::

  • MG

    To be fair, the images of it on the site show that the hub and nuts contact the same amount of metal as you’d see in any other dropout- this really a fork with two sets of standard dropouts, like that starfuckers fork.

  • Two things I suggest:
    Listen to Prolly.
    Don’t ride this fork.