Aluminum F41L Aug 19, 2010

“Aluminum F41L! 4130 for life!” – John “Prolly” Watson, 2009

Jussi, you’re my favorite. I wanna make a collage of all the piece of shit PK Rippers people have broken. Why oh why would you make a bike out of aluminum that you’re marketing for fixed freestyle?

  • You can add the one I sent you as well.

  • Allender

    Yeah! My broke ass pk snapper made prolly.

  • LOL

    i think the better question is, why would anyone buy one of those?

  • gage romero

    ill send you my broken pk ripper if you want haha. and the bent fork!

  • it’s fixed freestyle-esque, but you have to remember it’s more of a “lifestyle” bike than a fgfs machine. it’s the worst frame ever conceived in the fixed freestyle world.

  • Like they say: Steel is Real! ;)

    And for the record, I’ve no idea whose bike that was or where the pic is actually from.

  • prettyboy

    I think they made it out of aluminium because the original was, and for no other reason. Who cares if it doesn’t last? Now you can buy the 2010 model.
    I saw a quote once on the net that said SE were shitting on their heritage by producing the PK Ripper Fixed Gear. It’s kinda true.

  • santiago

    i dont even think its about “aluminum” but more of like bad welds they all seem to snap in the same places. too much pressure on those points?

    but yea those are super gay, ever since i saw one at Blades in Noho

  • prettyboy

    Just when you thought you have seen it all.

    Yes it’s a 20″

  • Ian

    I’m just surprised no one’s ever snapped off those dropouts.

  • Mike Brady

    was that bike hanging inside that bicycle bar in pittsburgh? looks like the one in there.

  • Murks

    So does SE stand for Shitty Engineering?