All-City: Two Speed Kick Dropout Aug 10, 2010


I remember back in Interbike 2008 I rode a BMW Gangsta Track with a two-speed kick hub. It was the baddest thing ever. You could be riding fakie, kick the bb-spindle with your heel and switch gears. Two-speed kick fixed hubs rule and would be a fun-ass time on the trails or the c-x course. I think that’s what’s going on here at this post on All-City. That Dropout looks murderous!

  • Looks like that Dropout is using the Sturmey Archer S2C, coaster brake (maybe what you’re calling fakie) with a back pedal speed shift in the hub. I think the BB-kick shift that you can ride fixed on is likely the Schlumpf drives… they all now have symmetrical clutches which allow full torque in both directions… which allows for riding fixed.

    Actually, you could go 4-speed fake, by combining both. Back pedal to shift the hub up a speed and then kick the BB and jump up speed again…

  • bearcub

    and the S2C (or B2C in black) is only like 60 bones retail. thanks for not inflating the price on simple machinery just cause its “retro” sturmey-sunrace. i had an early 60’s schwinn racer with one for a hot minute, and the kickback was the coolest fuggin’ thing ever. (they also came equipped on some stingray mini-twin tandems)

    it also comes in a freewheel version. biggity boner-tron.

    yeah, pretty sure those arent the schlumpf cranks, but that WOULD be a pretty ill setup. just wish you could get one with a lockout for polo, in 48H. big reason i roll freewheel only for polo, riding fixed a few miles to the court on a tiny ass gear blows. and its not to easy to find proper chainrings to run a dinglespeed fixed on a triple and still have the N.A. tourney req. bashgaurd (or at least no open rings)