All-City: Nature Boy Complete Build Aug 25, 2010


Jeff from All-City posted photos of the Nature Boy complete single-speed cross bike. I am in love man. Seriously, this is one of the nicest complete steel bikes I’ve seen for 2011. Really impressive. I want one! Check out more photos here.

MSRP, if I’m not mistaken is $900

  • hale

    Anyone fillet brazing production bikes this year? Is that typically out of peoples price range when they want to be generally hard on their machine. There must be team riders out there that are riding non-tig rigs

  • Agreed. This is rad.

  • Marty

    Dank…. Any idea of frame weight?

  • jeff frane

    I’d have to go find frame weight, but I put a stock complete 55cm bike on the scale today and it was 23lbs flat.

    My personal build is around 21lbs

    It’s not the lightest frameset in the world, the internal routing adds weight, the removable canti studs add weight, the custom dropouts add weight, etc.

    We also wanted to do a straight blade fork, but having ridden other straight blade forks in the past we were aware of how big of an issue fork chatter under hard braking can be. The answer was to use thicker fork blades.

    The Nature Boy is not the lightest out there, but man does she handle. The ride quality is out of this friggin world.

    I’ll get a hold of the frame weights tomorrow and post them up on the AC website.