2011 Specialized Langster Steel Aug 8, 2010


Damn. There’s been an overload of really clean and elegant track bikes from all the big companies. Who’s next? This time, Specialized is showcasing their newest version of the popular Langster model. Abandoning the iconic red paint for chrome, they have recreated a classic. I’m impressed. Be on the look out for more from Specialized in 2011.

  • chris campbell

    Good call with the quill stem!!

  • Looks really nice. I just wish the bottom bracket was higher.

  • dontcoast

    whoa. a good looking langster! wtf?

    this is probably the most tasteful stockproduction chrome track bike i’ve seen. specialzied is the last company i would have expected to come thru with that.

  • Edward Scoble

    Oh look! it’s a Bianchi Pista!

  • seriously

    bianchi pista pt. 2