2011 Maurice FS Fixed Gear Aug 16, 2010

An inside source sent me this photo of Mongoose‘s 2011 Maurice FS complete. If you haven’t guessed it yet, FS stands for FREE STYLE and this complete from Canondale‘s brother company Mongoose looks just like someone’s fixed freestyle build from 2009. Purple, gold, neon yellow white and black. Damn. Someone’s paying attention!

  • erikqo

    damn, the viking limited with optional top tube pad?

  • Matthew

    Really not liking that color scheme but the twin yellow spokes are dope..
    Also, *Cannondale

  • (I kinda dig it)


  • andrew

    wait, purple is 2009? fml.

  • Andrew

    forgive me for saying “FML”…

  • Alex

    I’m so stoked you referred to them as “Canondale’s brother company Mongoose.”

    This is the first complete I’ve seen with pedal straps instead of cages or just flats though.

  • nundt

    Prolly Purple

  • Niles

    are two water bottles going to be necessary when throwing yourself down a flight of stairs?

  • *Crackandfail

  • Smitty

    Wow, I don’t know what to say on this.

  • Hmmm . . . did your source say whether it would be $150 like the Mongoose Cachet?

  • Eric

    Why do companies insist on making things so tacky? However, if this thing didn’t look absurd I would be so down.

  • technically, the “mongoose” cachet is a different mongoose. it’s the shitty mongoose that’s a part of pacific bikes which also sells that schwinn POS fixed gear (the good schwinn has been running the madison as their fixed gear offering for years now).

    and no i dont think it’ll go down that easy since the r&d guy is chris akrigg. you know:

    yeah, that guy.

  • CURT

    one piece bar and stem combo????

    thats what up!

  • Neek

    This is terrible!

  • R120

    Looks horrific – but those slating it bear in mind that it was still the bike that Chris Akrigg pushed fixed gear freestyling to a new level on

  • santiago

    oh man , i guess that joke about mongoose is no longer a joke…. :\

  • Hard to tell from the small photo, but is that a one piece bar-stem combination?

  • Kelly C

    I hate those thickslick tires. Does anyone use them and like them? If so, I’d like to hear about it.

  • Smitty

    @jmik all of Mongoose is owned by pacific cycles. They just have a discount store line and a IBD line

  • If the grips / chain were orange, they’d nail my blog colors.