2011 Masi Chixed Fixed Gear Aug 23, 2010


Masi is one interesting company. From the Vigorelli to California to Taiwan, Masi‘s been through some shit and back. Riddled with history the brand continues to step through to the next level. Speaking of stepping-through, the new Masi Chixed fixed gear is exactly that. Not a mixte (happy guys?), the step through is a street fixed designed for your lady friends. Be on the look out for these in 2011.

  • drinkycrow

    why fixed with platforms on this one?

  • Devotion

    John, That’s a HARO. The MASI company history is a complicated tale to say the least. Simply put, the bikes currently sold in North America badged as MASI have absolutely NOTHING to do with either the Vigorelli or the defunct Carlsbad operation. (Masi bikes with any semblance of a connection to the original company are made in Italy and are sold here badged as either “Alberto Masi” or “Milano Sport”…since the rights to use the Masi name in North America were sold many years ago.) Having changed hands a number of times, the name is currently pasted on bikes like the one shown. As you say, these are Taiwanese made and share not an ounce of soul or connection to the original company, which is very much intact in Milan. The ONLY thing Masi about them is a sticker on the downtube. It’s criminal to see Faliero’s signature on those bikes and heartbreaking if you understand the legacy of the marque.

  • jordan

    Being a smaller dude i have had to constantly learn how to manipulate a track bike without pushing it around with weight. That being said, i have to derive alot of my control from the top tube. I figure most girls have to ride in this manor too; so making a mixte fixie is going to do nothing but ad another fashion statement frame.

  • Rui

    I’ve always thought these frames look terrible. I also dont get the lack of a traditional top tube for women’s bikes since as I guy, I think I got more equipment to injure when hitting a top tube that a woman. The sloped mixte (or whatever its called) female style frame is a thing of the past for when women all wore skirts (even when riding a bike.) Can bike companies get with it and drop this non sense? They should have female bikes with geometries better fit for a woman average sizes and ratios but I dont think there is no need for the girls bike sloping tube. Some please correct me on this logic if I’m wrong.

  • Kyle Cramer

    All the guys can bag on this bike, but it’s exactly what my wife has been looking for. A bike that doesn’t ride like a beach cruiser but she can still ride on the days she does wear skirts. I think it’s a good mix for the ladies and Masi is reading the market well. My wife follows dozens of bike/fashion blogs.

  • Susan

    I actually just bought this bike last week and LOVE it. I’ve been wanting a simple, step-thru road bike for years, and NO ONE has offered it. I like to wear skirts, I like to commute to work, and I like to go fast without flashing panty everywhere–this bike lets me do just that.