2011 Felt TK2 Aug 13, 2010

It must be freaky Friday or something. What is going on with Felt’s 2011 TK2? I love mine but it didn’t come with those bars. Yikes. Please tell me that’s a joke?

  • Andrew

    Aero tops and aero bends my dude. Looks like hell.

  • Hank

    Those are some new aero track bars, I read about them in ride magazine a few weeks back, supposedly some endurance riders like to ride with their hands at the top of the bars where the brakes would go on a road bike, and supposedly these are the best bars for that.

  • noah

    looks like they tried to combine bull horns and drops but shit looks bad


    Yeah, those are the 3T Sphinx. Enables track riders to get into the same position as roadies using brake hoods/ levers.

  • But you’re only permitted to ride in the drops on a velodrome, and this looks like a track specific build to me.

  • phil g.

    Wow those bars really look like shit, and no more black omniums? Hopefully they’ll sell a frame only, but I still like my 09 frame better.

  • Lowell

    i can picture these being the crocs of handle bars.

    Look like an idiot with them

    but really comfortable at the same time

  • Wizard

    You know what really makes someone look like an idiot? Riding something track specific on the street.

  • NWD

    Quinn Landan, tell that to UCI medalist Cameron Meyers and Beijing Gold Medalist Joan LLaneras.

    Nothing says you cant grip your bars on the tops. Most people dont because usually there is no tape or no place to put your hands because the tops on most track bars bend steeply.

  • Yeah, the bars might be PRO but they’re still ugly and I ride FSA New Ergos.

  • Santiago

    haahahaahaha those bars ..hahh

  • zfree

    It’s hard to see those handlebars when you are losing.

  • Riding the tops is illegal in track racing. Unless you’re doing a madison.

    Also, just because Joan LLaneras killed it with those bars doesn’t mean it’s not a paid endorsement. Dude coulda probably done just as well on some ergo drops that don’t look like a rhino dick that got run over by a bulldozer.

  • wade


  • wade
  • Jerrylikesbikes

    Hey prolly, you’re wrong about riding in the tops being illegal. As long as your hands aren’t above your saddle or below the top of your tire, you’re good to go (though there are restrictions to limit your maximum reach). This is covered under UCI rule 1.3.022. USA Cycling also uses this same convention as noted in “USA Cycling Bike Measurement”.

  • Andrew

    I saw a guy riding in a Madison race (won it, too) that would have loved those bars. He was way forward on the bars, almost grabbing the front.

  • colin

    you see guys riding the position all the time in the longer races. these bars were developed for cameron meyer to use in the WC, which he destroyed. they may be ugly, but they serve a purpose. to be honest, i’m more curious if felt put those on for press photos or what. its hard to imagine $400 bars on a $1400 bike. unless felt had an aluminum/cheapo version made…

  • erik

    i would have loved to have those bars in my day… even riding around town on my “track” bike i could use these things…