2011 Cinelli Gazzetta della Strada Aug 27, 2010


Cinelli is one of the many companies predicting the inevitable trend in ‘urban cycling’: young fixed gear riders wanting a road bike. Where else will they go for a complete build? To the names they have trusted for their first fixed / track bikes. Cinelli has done a great job at addressing their market. From making colorful fixed gears and track bikes to now the 2011 Gazzetta della Strada, a road bike modeled after their popular Gazzetta fixed gears. Hopefully the fixed facists will learn to enjoy derailleurs? Who knows but if they do, Cinelli is there with the offerings. Why aren’t these coming with full SRAM Apex though? I’d much rather see it with that than Shimano!

  • CL

    May have the Cinelli mistique and name but it is an entry level bike with bottom of the barrel components. I agree that this bike should at least have Apex.

  • J

    Sweet, another taiwan frame with someones name on it.

  • The Caped Crusader

    SRAM is crap. 1000 times Shimano.


  • CL

    ^^^^Quit being an herb. This bike is equipped with sora. Bottom of the barrel junk. Apex would be a better a better buy and more akin to quality rather than slapping Sora on this frame. Sora is fine for the casual rider, but I don’t really think it is built to last.

  • For the price I am thinking it will cost in my head, it should come with sram rival or ultegra. More $$$$ for nothing from Cinelli. If you want italian, go with Colnago.

  • if cinelli was your choice for your first fixed/track bike then do everyone a favor and go fuck yourself.

  • dontcoast

    looks like tiagra buddies. shift paddles not thumby things.

    but i agree sram apex is most likely way better for the money than tiagra (same internals as sora anywho)

    looks decent, probably not worth the money cinelli will ask for it

    raleigh steel 2011: probably the same thing, maybe even the same factory, but cheaper options and better options available

  • Apex was a straight shot at 105. It’s pretty much Rival with no carbon pieces.

  • Ben

    You guys are funny. @”J” We go not do “Cookie Cutter” frames. The Gazzetta is a 100% Cinelli designed frame made with Columbus tubing.

    Derek you don’t even know what the price is, yet you have such strong opinions? Does Colnago even have a complete bike under $2000?

    DontCoast, the Raleigh bikes are a great value. They are not “probably the same thing as” Cinelli.

    The fact is that I haven’t even decided to bring this bike to the U.S. market as a complete. I will likely offer it as a frameset for about $799.

    If any of you have questions before you post inaccuracies next time, feel free to contact me.

  • Arol

    Wow. Pretty passionate yet pointless attacks. You don’t like it, don’t buy it. I like to read others opinions but u can leave the vulgarity out of it. Don’t like it complete? Buy the frameset and dress it up! Again, Don’t like it period? Say it respectfully and MOVE ON.

  • ~Bob


  • I’d buy this as my commuter if I could get it with Apex or 105. I’ve been bit by cheap Shimano before and would be very hesitant to put down real money for a bike with a cheap group.