Wrawh: Summer Weby 01 Jul 16, 2010

I think my favorite line in this is the curb hop to wheelie to wall ride. Never seen that before! There are tons of other little techy bangers in here though. Really great stuff Torey!

  • Noahem

    A big FUCK YEAH to Torey for continuing to shred on 700c.

  • gnar bars.

  • Miles

    this edit has so many bangers mad props from the florida boy.

  • Brody

    Lookin’ good!!!

  • Parker

    I wish I could afford to throw my bike around like that…

  • spenser

    what’s the first song in this video? love it

  • phaedrus

    Arg whats wrong with this bike? why wont it land this trick!!?!?? I better trash it so it knows who’s boss… good thing someone else paid for it so I can be a titty baby.

    really though, i dig your style in every vid but also sickened by anyone who tosses their bike around like that.. shit.