Wrahw: Miles Mathia 3 Days In NYC Jul 24, 2010

Super solid riding from Miles Mathia during his recent trip to NYC. Loving the fakie nosies down the banks and the big stair gap. Keep killing it man! Solid edit Torey.

  • miles mathia

    thanks john for the support, great seeing you while i was passing through.

  • nice meeting you. Ill post that portrait soon.

  • d murd

    serious riding i like it

  • so fucking good

  • miles mathia

    thanks mike im glad you dig the edit, your edits are too solid to handle.

  • ptCTdopepedalrider

    6 flat 6 off the rip.

  • way sickkkk!!!!!
    whats the head tube angle on that bad boy????

  • tyler clapp

    miles you got to rep the black bastards home slice
    but great video