Wonka Barspin at Venice Beach Jul 17, 2010

I took so many photos yesterday, some of which will go into A Day in 10 Photos entry but one stood out from the rest. Ed Wonka nailing a clean-as-hell barspin at Venice beach on the new Grime Yo Mang! frame. Finally, after a lot of tweaking, I got Lightroom running on this laptop and it’s well worth it!

Summer Fix is today. Make sure you’re there!

  • Pretty solid photo John.

  • A

    When I first saw the photo I thought I saw Wonka riding a BMX.

    Those wheels are so small yet so big.

  • noah

    raw grime frame?

  • tight photo john. putting that slr to good use.

  • cory kroeger

    yeah those were beast today at summerfix

  • robin brandon

    is he not riding gorilla anymore?