Williamsburg Bridge in the 1990’s Jul 21, 2010

If you’re like me, a transplant to NYC, then you probably never got to see the old Williamsburg Bridge. This thing was a mess back in the day; hardly the show-boating fixed raceway it is today. A crippling staircase awaited you at the bottom where kids would try to rope you off your bike so they could steal it. Many thanks to Alan for posting it on the NYC boards!

  • b. taylor

    HOLY dilapidated bridge!

  • Oh man the stairs! I remember having to carry my BMX up and down that fucker. Then ride over the wooden slats that you could see the street below through. I was always nervous that they would eventually give and I’d fall the 6+ stories to the ground. People bitch about it today but MAN did it ever suck back then!

  • atanz

    here is the link :)

  • although it would suck to carry it up and down back in the day, you must admit that it was a beautiful mess. old nyc baby!

  • J

    Grasshopper. You have no idea. They hit Julian with a 2X4, not a rope. And that’s not old NYC. Old NYC was the ’80s!

  • ivan

    this was nyc at its prime … i miss it ever so : (