Velo Cult: Every Cyclist’s Heaven Jul 15, 2010

Many thanks to the Velo Cult crew for their incredibly-open armed welcoming yesterday. The guys showed me around the shop and their secret warehouse where I was completely overwhelmed and tempted to drain my bank account! More photos to come!

  • Ray


  • ALEX

    You were in my old home town!! Hell yes VELO CULT is the best!
    Hope Anthony and Sky showed you the really good stuff

  • beaver

    that secret warehouse is insane. my next road bike is in there! i cant wait to get it.

  • jordan

    are you talking about the one down 30th???
    if so i’ve been in there to pick up some straps. now i always ask if they have this part or that part because they have lots of killer used stuff that isn’t on the showroom floor
    great shop!!!

  • Brian

    these guys are the best – the bees knees. big ups to you and them. and ray, actually scooped up that cap today – comfy.