Trek Bikes: Gritty Fixed Jul 16, 2010

I think it’s safe to say that the over-built, 700c machines we’ve designed to hold up to the thrashing we dish out doing fixed freestyle have influenced the new city singlespeeds. When companies like Trek take note, you know it makes sense, or at least it’s marketable. The bottom line is, fixed freestyle bikes offer the best of both worlds. Commuters always say they want a bike with big tires so they don’t feel the potholes and other hazards urban commuting offer. Trek’s newest singlespeed, the Gritty addresses this riding experience. Here’s their tagline:

The Gritty is a bomb-proof steel singlespeed or fixed gear ride with urban style for a reasonable price.

With an MSRP of $419.99, these’ll catch on fast!

  • greg

    hi-ten? no thanks.
    also the name is corny

  • allender

    the gussets ruin this bike

  • em

    Pssst…..the gritty has been around for a few years now, but just under the gary fisher line. The new “gary fisher collection by trek” simply re-introduced it.

  • Radicalrye

    +1 on the GF comment. It’s been around just not the most popular since no one in spandex is riding it.

  • justme

    38/17? Thats pretty shitty for urban riding.

  • Yeah well it’s not out under the trek moniker till late fall


  • dontcoast

    fixed…are those cranks stamped or bmx non splined? hmm… nuff said

  • They’re regular bmx cranks with a regular bmx sprocket. We have one at the shop and it’s kinda fun to cruise around on. For the price it seems like a decent SS commuter bike. Very tough and simple.