The Wurst Outlier Shorts Collaboration Jul 7, 2010

The heat wave trifecta. Outlier has teamed up with Wurst Editions and Emily’s Pork Store to drop the Wurst Outlier Shorts collaboration.

The Wurst Outlier Sausage Pack. A pair of limited edition Wurst Outlier Shorts, plus both a hot and a sweet sopressata from Brooklyn’s finest sausage pushers, Emily’s Pork Store. Made from a special Sweet Blue version of our classic 4Season fabric, these shorts feature an elegant folded cuff, front watch pocket and sausage toned rear pocket button. Limited edition of 45 Shorts. $139.99 and available in the United States only.

The Wurst Outlier Shorts – Vegan Discount Version. Just like the Sausage Pack only without the sausage! These shorts are ready for anything, the fabric breathes, stretches and repels water, dirt and beer like it ain’t no thing. The quick drying, self-cleaning fabric is ready for any barbeque regardless whether you like to get down with the meat or not. $129.99 and available for shipment to most of the world.

  • phild

    Only $140?? What a deal.

  • I think anyone that’s owned anything Outlier can attest that they’re worth the money. There’s always some dude who makes the same comment…


  • can someone explain the connection between tube meat and shorts – maybe if these were BBQ edition shorts with a spatula loop and built in oven mitt…

  • wurst = sausage

    the brand they collaborated with is called “Wurst”

  • Nic F


  • I’d honestly love to support Outlier, but I can’t really justify spending lucrative sums of money on clothing I’m gonna ruin, riding my bicycle’s.