Thatcher Steel Track Stems Jul 20, 2010

As I was poking around in the many cabinets and display cases at Velo Cult last week, I came across these beautiful steel track stems. At first I thought they were Cinelli or Titan but when I asked Anthony, he said they were made locally by a guy named Thatcher. Now, I can’t find a website or any information on him, but if I wouldn’t have been on a tight budget, I would have picked one up.

Check out a few more photos below.

I really loved the diamond bridge on this one.

He also makes a more traditional shape. If my memory serves me correctly, they were $180. Not bad considering chroming costs about $100 per stem. If you really want to get your hands on one, I’d say your best bet would be to contact Velo Cult. As I said, they’re really gorgeous in person and would class up any track bike.

Expect a full report tomorrow on my trip to Velo Cult!

  • maus

    I love my Thatcher stem! the guy is really a craftsman! Here in San Diego we have a few people doing amazing things.

  • Patrick

    Thatcher isn’t just a master craftsman, he’s actually a real cool guy. Also, he has cultivated one of the most epic beards in town. I’m glad to see him getting press.

  • Love it! Want one!

  • Ko

    I was wondering, where do i purchase this beautiful creation?

  • gary m.