Takuya Sakamoto: Ted Shred Affinity Ad Jul 6, 2010

Photo by Takuya Sakamoto

Ted Shred’s the featured rider in the new Affinity ad for COG magazine. The only problem is which photo will Jason choose? Tak once again capturing the light and energy of the NYC cycling scene.

  • Rui

    What’s with the lack of foot rentention? Does he ride without it all the time?

  • voltron

    does he still ride with a free wheel. i remember seeing that video of him in san fran

  • jkelley

    Yep he rides freewheel, and that is the lack of straps

  • Rui

    That’s some real cmx shit righ there!


  • travis

    i didn’t know this guy was actually a REAL person.

  • he’s real. lives in my hometown Chico, CA!