Superb Bicycle: Rossin Track Jul 11, 2010

While there’s a few small things that I’d change about the build, this Rossin that’s made its way to Superb Bicycle is absolutely stunning. Rossins have always been one of my favorite Italian bikes and this is a perfect example why: steep geometry. Along with De Rosas, Pogs and other classics, this bike would be a perfect addition to anyone’s Italian stable.

It’s for sale now at Superb for a price as steep as the head tube angle!

  • chris

    I wonder if the guy selling this and the Merckx at Superb will let go of one of the Lasers??

  • Lorenzo

    It’s a shame it as been repainted. I wonder if this one is one of Hrrundel’s..
    Sure I’m not going to repaint mine

  • phil g.

    I’ve been looking for a track frame for awhile to go with the road build I already have. That thing is sick, but wayy overpriced.

  • Putz

    Beautiful bike… I really love Rossins as well. I recently acquired an 83 Team 7-11 that I have been riding constantly. Wish it hadn’t been resprayed…

  • fink

    Sweet bike – although it seems to have quite a low bb… Rossins somehow seem to be the italian Zunows. Lots of special lugwork and garish paintjobs on the later models… But: black seat post – what gives?

  • Schoe

    Had one, white with yellow/orange lettering. Best geometry ever. Too big for me and had a rust problem, but I loved it anyway. Wrecked it when I hit a surprise pothole going way too fast, but I hated riding it slow. I would def recommend them.