SRAM Tour de France Red Group Jul 8, 2010

With the cycling industry always providing their consumers with expensive shit they don’t need, SRAM plans on issuing their limited edition Tour de France-colored Red group to the public. If you’ve ever gotten sick of all that red on your road bike, time to switch to yellow! No word yet on the release but expect to see this cluttering your local crits in no time! I gotta say, the double-tap system is where it’s at. That’s coming from a DA7402 snob…

SRAM makes baller shit

  • dontcoast

    SRAM does make baller shit- I love it.

    But if youre gonna shop with the mars corporation, get Force, not Red. All the good stuff without the really light but really noisy casette at a fraction of the price.

    Also, shimano top jockey pulley makes it quieter (it has float unlike sram)

  • alucard belmont

    Consumerism at Full Force

  • Seriously?

    You’re knocking SRAM for releasing a different color(way) for their top-tier component group on THIS FUCKING BLOG? Where you promote whatever piece of crap, hackneyed, poorly designed but vaguely-related-to-fixed-gear-consumer good that is in style this month? God you’re annoying, and your faux-snobbery doesn’t help.

  • It’s a joke man. I love SRAM’s products. Loosen up and stop taking life (and yourself) so seriously!

  • hater69

    sarcasm and the internet are hard to get right together.

  • antihero1972

    what joke? there is no knocking in that post. Prolly actually says positive things like double tap is where its at. You sure take this “fucking blog” seriously for sounding like your annoyed by it.

  • jeffx

    Force rules, good enough for my budget! But I may need to get a hold of that Black “red” 53T ring. fucking dope!

  • em atx

    fuck yeah, double tap!