Revoked New York Movie Jul 14, 2010

So sorry for the lack of posts, I’ve been on the road traveling all day yesterday. At any rate, Fonseca and the Revoked crew were in NYC during the 2010 Bicycle Film Festival and they put together an edit from the trip. It’s 15 minutes long and worth the watch!

It is a little NSFW…

  • d.patrick1a

    huh. i totally would have done with out naked dudes and blowup dolls. you might want to throw alittle NSFW in there. lol. other than that nice edit.

  • Yeah my bad man!

  • sau

    it started off really great. the music choice was superb. then the naked dude with his junk tucked in was just made everything odd.

  • so my nudity took away from the riding? you guys that uncomfortable with nudity? come on guys lets grow up

  • Jakob I like your ass dude…

  • I dont’t really know how to take this but I like it anyway. I love the filming and the music choice very much, not to say it is probably the one I appreciate the most so far. Even If I do stupid things very often as well, it is true that the lifestyle rushes don’t really fit with the overall smooth music and fluide riding…
    It’s a mixed style…Have to get used to it, anyway, always less boring than the repeating silliness of skateboard edits

  • Nugget Nectar

    I’m sad I didn’t get to see at Jakobs nutsack :(

  • aj

    santos for the win. come to texas, you, justin, eric, and i can skinny dip with nutria rats.

  • bladehawk

    Wow, this video just made me stop riding for tricks.

  • some guy

    it’s funny because they think it’s not lame as shit to rollerblade

  • Telling your parents you’re gay

    What’s the hardest part about rollerblading?

  • LbC [562] Rider

    Yo yall gay… i can never watch one of your films ever again even tho the tricks where dope.. but come on a naked dude…

  • Fukyalife1

    Dope songs, anyone know the names of ’em?