RatsKL: Ride in Putrajaya Jul 7, 2010

This is shot so incredibly well (it’s gotta be the smooth streets) but everyone looks so serious! Regardless, it’s worth the watch. Did I mention it’s shot really really well? The RatsKL crew is back at it!

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  • I like this edit but does it feel really generic to anyone else? Not that incredible or any new types of shots, samey song, kind of relaxed etc. Also Kuala lumpur has only 2 fixed gear cyclists?

  • jordan

    and literally no cars on the road

  • dag

    Clean. “Just ride” is the vibe I got. Liked.

  • Gene Kahn

    ****I have seen the future.
    And I like it.

  • thanks prolly :)

  • gravity

    The video was shot on Sunday morning in a capital administrative of Malaysia (similar like Canberra in Australia). So since it’s a weekend the city is probably dead. Hence no cars. But seriously, I like it, but it is too cheesy for me, with the song and cycling caps.

  • Mike

    Liking this video!
    Whats wrong with the city being dead, no fast cars and having a serious face.Personally i think riding is always about good vibes and the most important thing is, you enjoy riding your bike.

  • thanks prolly.

  • But it ended with them walking up the hill…