Rapha: Large Backpack Jul 22, 2010

While I have a hard time getting their clothing to fit me, I can wear the hell out of their backpacks. Rapha‘s first backpack was a success but people felt like it could be a little bit bigger. Not wanting to alienate its clientele who liked the original just fine, the crew at Rapha developed a larger counterpart to their original backpack. Calling upon Velodramatic for a photo shoot, the Rapha Large Backpack was released today. Check out more photos here!

  • Cam

    The Large Backpack has been out for over a year? http://www.velodramatic.com/archives/2904 – they just got more stock …

  • Kelly

    Yep, this bag has been out for quite some time, but it’s still my favorite backpack for everyday – durable, waterproof, and the reflective stitching is pretty sexy.