Nike Air Zoom Tiempo Love Jul 11, 2010

This happens to me a lot. I post about a product and some time passes only to get a few emails all at once asking “well, what do you think of them?”. To be honest, a lot of the things I post about I never get the chance to try out. Sometimes I do get products to review for free and that was the case with my first set of Nike Air Zoom Tiempos. Months later and I still wear those almost daily. It wasn’t until yesterday that I bought another pair. Mostly due to my snobbery about all-black shoes these days. It wasn’t until Nike put out the Mr. Cartoon Air Zoom Tiempos that I wanted to get another pair.

Check out some more photos below!

Like the others in the series, these have a very sturdy sole and outsole; it takes a lot to bend them fully over, from toe to heel. Paired with a tough leather upper and ample padding, they are about as comfy of a cycling shoe that you can get from a sneaker.

The narrow silhouette fits perfectly in traditional toe clips and the padding makes them ideal for Hold Fasts and other foot retention systems.

I’m not saying these are the only sneakers you should ride in because there are 100’s of options. People have their opinions. I just wanted to say that I definitely am pleased with this product and I’m fairly certain that these were a general release. Hell, I waited months to finally buy my pair and they still had my size in stock. Hopefully Nike will continue to make them!

Thanks to Gordon for reminding me about these!

Nike Sportswear: Mr. Cartoon Air Zoom Tiempos
Nike Tiempo City Pack
Nike Air Zoom Tiempo Cycling Sneaker pt. 1

  • fuck yeah

    Ive been wearing these for a while now. Im never going back to vans.

  • hellachunky

    any one trick with these?

  • Rui

    Nice to have another option to Sambas. How does the sole on these compare to to the samba sole if your tried both?

  • Iron

    So nice. You should have snapped a pic of the eagle on the tongue flip…

  • J

    OK, so how do you like your Cream City? Yes, it’s a threadjump, but speaking of not getting back to reviewing products…

    Keep up the good work man.

  • Dude… you take the best sneaker photos. RE: Fuck Yeah…Vans SUCK for riding. Might as well strap a couple sponges to your feet. Still waiting for those Cadence-DVS but Dustin’s been on point with updates. Those Air Zooms look solid. No threading laces through to keep them flying around and getting caught up!

  • Andy

    Where can you find some of these or the grey ones in the OP?

  • justin

    where did you get them? can’t seem to find them myself…

  • Where to get these (outside US)? Can i buy them online somewhere?

  • Jon

    So where do we get these in NYC???

  • I’ve always been disappointed with nike shoes. I gave away my old cortez’s because they felt to clunky on my feet. these may be completely different but its hard for me to try a new shoe when I believe i found the perfect cycling shoe for me. (asic tigers)

  • Everytime I wear my Zoom Tiempo’s people bash me and tell me they’re ugly. I say ‘fuck off’ and just keep wearing em’. They are great shoes!

  • I’d check your local Nike shops that get QS and GR in. Like not Footlocker. I know Nike Stadium on Bowery has them in still…

  • larry

    If you’re looking for these in Houston, Premium Goods has the white and the grey version for fifty bones. Tell the owner Larry sent ya.

  • Gordon

    Yeeeeah, just copped a pair for myself earlier today at 21 Mercer in NYC. Niketown also has ’em, along with the white England ones. These:–-england/

    DQM also has a few left, but colors and sizes are sporadic so you should call before you go.

  • You say these are narrow. With previous said, would you suggest these fit true to size, tts, or size up?


  • Gordon

    LeftyJeenyus: The tiempos fit a little small. I usually wear a 10.5, but an 11 fits me perfectly. A 10.5 might have fit as well, but I doubt it. And I don’t think they’re that narrow; I have relatively wide feet, but so far they don’t seem like a problem.

  • Roy

    You guys all know these are football, (soccer), trainers, (sneakers), right?! That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be used….I mean if the cap fits…. It’s just I wore these when I was about 8 when they first appeared to train with my team. Now they’re cool all over again. Great rebranding or just pure luck??!!

  • Nah these are different than the old trainers. Nike reworked them for the original cutters pack with cycling in mind. Numerous riders had input – true though, Nike wanted them to still be good indoor soccer shoes but they’re
    Still different than the original tiempos

  • illdthedj

    thats crazy, i play soccer for fun and have always worn nike air zoom tiempos….they must have made street shoe versions. i bet these are for playing street soccer. makes sense, adidas sambas are technically indoor soccer shoes, and those are my favorite shoe to ride in. ill have to check these out.

  • Larry

    These are definitely sturdier than regular tiempo’s. I would never train or play in these. Strictly cycling.