Nick Brandreth Photography: Alfred Portrait Jul 23, 2010

Photo by Nick Brandreth

Some of you may know who this is. Alfred’s one of the winners of Monster Track. Actually, he won four Monster Tracks. Dude’s been around NYC’s messenger scene for a while now. Nick Brandreth‘s the guy behind Thrash Bike. When he’s not riding his 26″ or his 700c around New York and New Jersey, he’s out shooting photos of his buddies. Check out his portfolio site right here. It’s filled with great work!

  • Hater69

    He’s won four.

  • Dexter

    Havent see you in years and never really see you at all, ON THE STREET! I think you are a HIPSTER Alfred, are you?

  • Is there an echo in the room?

  • Sebastian

    and the echo goes! I sold my sould to a clothing sweatshop company and I tell everybody how cool it is to be a bikemessenger!