Nasty: Pro Fixed Rider Jul 5, 2010

I think it’s safe to say that Nasty is a pro fixed rider. He gets flown around Asia on tours, is sponsored by numerous companies and most likely gets paid for endorsements (I’m not 100% sure about that one). If he does, then good for him. Homeboy’s a real wrecker when it comes to fixed freestyle.

Can anyone translate any key quotes in this interview?

Nasty Slider Down the Pyramid
Two Quick Clips from Nasty!

  • Jarshy

    at 1:01 I’m pretty sure he says “handlebars, W-Base handlebars”

  • dag

    In a nutshell, he starts out by introducing himself–name and age, where he’s from, and the brands and shop he rides for.

    Rides mostly in Yokohama and Shibuya, says they’re similar to San Francisco in a sense that there are lots of great places and lines to ride that haven’t yet seen a lot of camera exposure.

    Bike check: W-Base riser bars, and those hubs, but the details are kinda sketch, totally washed out by music. Says he likes ’em. Fork he’s had for over a half year without issue. Loves his Profile cranks, says that everybody’s riding them, and for good reason–great for tricks, etc. Talks about the splined sprocket, and how it doesn’t slip. Despite there being a lot of variations now, he says he’s also still using the same Hold Fast straps from the very beginning–some from the original run.

    Stylin’ frame has long top tube good for bar spins, but frame stays compact for tall bunny hops, etc. Frame is highly recommended by him, apparently.

    He talks about the last time he came to Korea (where the interview probably took place), bummed that he was too busy and didn’t have enough time to hit a lot of spots, but he says he’s taking his time, this time around and enjoying himself much more.

    Lastly, he talks about not hating on, or just blindly following a particular style, or rider, but just getting together and riding with everyone–the technique will come to each, and their own.

    That’s about the gist of it. A finer tooth comb might pull other details, but nothing I would expect people here to not know about fgfs components and shite.

  • Brody

    Damn it, Nasty has such a unique approach to riding! I think he said he’s sponsored by FTC, seems like he’s always wearing FTC gear, if so then that’s cool their supporting fixed freestyle riders.

  • swoo

    I just roughly translated the Korean translation subtitle on there, not the original Japanese.

    Q: What is your name and how old are you?
    A: My name is Teppei, 24 years old.

    Q: Where do you live?
    A: Yokohama, Japan.

    Q: What are your sponsors?

    Q: Where do you usually ride your bike?
    A: Yokohama, Shibuya.

    Q: What is the reason you came to Korea, and what are your thoughts?
    A: Stylin promotion, there are a lot of slopes like San Fransisco, there are a lot of spots to ride bikes or skateboard.

    Q: Tells us about the Stylin you’re riding?
    A: Riser bars have different angles, so it makes riding and tricking comfortable.
    Hubs have thicker shaft than before so it dosn’t slip and is stronger, I like the colour.
    This fork is different from other forks, has 0 offset so it’s responsive, also 1kg lighter.
    Crankset and sprocket – now use BMX parts on fixed bike so it’s stronger. Most trickers usually use this crankset and sprocket. (Profile and spline drive Tree Lite).
    Holdfasts – first ones to make these. Most trickers use this. This is the original.
    Pivotal seat – most trickers use this now, and there’s less problems compared to its price, can also adjust its angle.
    Stylin frame – compared to other frames, has less toe overlap, geometry for bunnyhopping very high. Also, all chromoly frame, it is strong because its thickness is different throughout.

    Q: This is your second time visiting, what’s different from first visit?
    A: First trip was short, but this time I have a lot of time to find many different spots.

    Q: Favourite trick?
    A: Long slider, skid.

    Q: One phrase of RAD STORE?
    A: It’s a big store, lots of things I haven’t seen in Japan, it’s a fun place.

  • He’s talking about the different parts of his bike, for example the W-Base riser bars, which he says are ‘fun’ and make the bike easy to ride. He seems to do most of his riding in Yokohama and Shibuya.

    His crank is a Profile 3-piece, which he says is used in BMX and by many people who do tricks. His frame is the Durcus One Stylin’ (obviously) and he also goes on to say that he doesn’t really love or hate any riders in particular, he just enjoys what he’s doing and hopes everybody else enjoys riding.

    I think that’s most of it – I’m half-asleep and it doesn’t help that the questions are written in Korean! Hope that helps.