Milltag Number One Jersey Preorder Jul 1, 2010

I think it’s funny that I have to put jerseys in the Fashion category but with all the great designs coming out as of late, it’s well-deserved. Take this new Milltag jersey. As their first design, the team took it a little serious. Here’s what they have to say about it:

Inspired by Bradley Wiggins’ performance in last year and his love for all things Mod (mopeds, targets, parkas, Northern Soul patches, The Who and The Jam references – they’re all there!).

All our jerseys are designed by global talent from the art and design world and are all strictly numbered limited editions, watch out for the next four jerseys by MWM, Hellomatt, Waste Yourself and Chris Piascik next week…

This sounds promising! I want one of each!

  • ez

    I don’t like all their jerseys, but I think Twin Six has helped this immensely. I’ve been rocking/rubbing a few of their jerseys for the last couple years (go Metal jersey). Head and shoulders above the usual dreck.