Merckx Mondays Jul 20, 2010

Yeah yeah yeah, so I’m an hour late on this. I had originally planned a different post for today’s Merckx Mondays but then I came across this. All I know is this better be a joke!

Wanna see the full story? Click on below.

What the holy fuck? Jussi, you better be joking here. Who the hell would ruin a pristine Telekom? Now I know what you’re thinking: why 8-speed Campy in the first place and sure, those Shamals are heavy as hell. Regardless as to how the original bike was built, NO BIKE deserves that fate. I’m praying this is a joke.

  • Jamal Waterford

    its fake theres not a second set of bottle mounts on the seat tube

  • cire

    that better be a joke!

  • austin

    gotta be a joke. different lugs, no 2nd set of bosses on the seat tube (although i guess those could have been ground off), and for sure top tube is longer on the merckx. that shamal-ish front wheel does throw you off a bit though.


  • Cow.

    I could be entirely wrong, but I do believe the seat-stay/seatpost clamp lugs and details are different from bike to bike.


  • raphael

    look at where the seatstays meet the seattube cluster.

  • andrew
  • Guys Guys Guys…

    I know it’s a joke.


    I just wanted a good reason to post up that Telekom!

  • paolo nieva

    your merckx mondays have been ass lately

  • pookie


  • from now on, all MM posts will be passed off by paolo nieva for approval.