Kevin Scott’s Bendable Bike Jul 9, 2010

Sometimes, just sometimes, a concept bike piques my interest. This happens very infrequently as to many bikes create problems by attempting to solve a very simple one. That’s not saying this bike won’t create certain problems, but the intent and execution is really admirable. Kevin Scott’s bendable bike is certainly one worth noting. Check out the full scoop at Inhabitat.

  • jeff

    how do you stop? I was assuming it was a coaster brake but further pics show it with a chain tensioner. qr wheels on an anti-theft bike is also derp.

  • TJ

    Ah, now I get it… you still need to carry a lock. But now that lock can then go through the frame and both wheels. And so also secures the bike the the lamp-post/ bike rack. Still needs Pitlock skewers for the seat and fork steerer, though.

  • DeafFixieNYC

    We used to have something similar. I think it was called a “QR” or somesuch. :)

    It IS a cool concept. Now if only Scott can create a bendable super-strong lock that weighs under a lb…..

  • Rspinnaking

    Too bad his bent fork isn’t “bendable” too.

  • that’s called “rake”