Jason’s 1950’s Frejus Track Jul 7, 2010

Some people just don’t know when to quit! As if a gorgeous Frejus Tour de France wasn’t enough, Jason from Affinity recently bought this stunning Frejus track bike from the original owner here in NYC. I think he has the bug! Now he’s gotta hand it off to the master at Cicli Devotion to put a little elbow grease into the build.

Check out a few more photos below.

He picked it up locally from a man who purchased it brand new back in the 50’s.

Like most of the Frejus bikes from the era, this one came with a re-branded Frejus steel headset.

I just love the old pinned headtube badges.

He’s gotta get a new cockpit for it, a nice unicanitor, some Con Denti pedals, 151 1″ pitch cranks and numerous other small bits to build it up period-correct.

Then of course, he’s gotta ride it! I just love path racers and classic track bikes. There’s just something about them that no manufacturer could ever come close to replicating!

  • travis

    I picked up one of these from South Africa a few years ago. Unfortunately, it had already been repainted an ugly red and blue. I got it powder coated a creamish colour and picked up some decals but my motivation died pretty hard.

    Just a frejus sitting under my bed now.

  • Gene Kahn

    Frejus bike changed my life. Had my first at 17
    in the 60s,had a few more (all stollen during the
    crack days). Damn they were such handsome machines
    and yes, the beautiful enameled head badge that
    said “Turino” …I was like the kid in
    “Breaking Away.” It’s still a class act.
    Not esp light tho.

  • Devotion

    Frejus (and it’s storied history as THE original NYC street fixed) is worth some serious homework and a post of it’s own one of these days. Respect is due to Tommy Avenia and the generations of old school riders who brought fixed-gear (and Campy equipped Italian bikes) to the streets of our city 50 years ago. I was THRILLED to find this bike and help Jason get his hands on a real piece of local cycling history. Riding a 60’s Frejus pista on the streets of NYC is just, well…perfect! Can’t wait for Jason to throw a leg over this beauty!