Going Back Down South Jul 26, 2010

I’m headed back down south today to eat southern food, surf and fish. Hopefully I’ll be back on a computer later tonight but for now, here’s an homage to Blackbeard.

  • Yes, for some reason, his flag looked like a 4 year old drew it.

  • Barry

    Have a good time. It’s hot and humid as hell. (From a Virginia boy).

  • zac

    Yo Prolly,
    South like.. VA? Or further?
    Us kids in SC would have a warm welcome for you.

  • aj

    theres something about the southside…

  • North Carolina – Wrightsville Beach

  • hunter

    come ride with me prolly i know u dont know me but whatever

  • its too hot, you better stay at the beach the whole time, Savannah GA rep

  • cltfxd

    commin thru Charlotte?

  • florida

    dont get no damnnear souther then florida lol

  • Still no Internet today guys bear with me

  • Brody

    Wow, aj just dropped a gem right there! RIP screw

  • Carl

    Yay W.B. !
    Chillin’ at beach bars?
    hope not, come downtown.

  • headed downtown tonight!