Get a BMX: Sunday Model C Jul 23, 2010

After enduring years of that line, I made a small step to that direction yesterday. Ever since Jim told me about the Sunday Model C and its Plus 4 geometry, I was seriously considering buying one. The main reason being that I have such a long inseam and long arms that any BMX, regardless of top tube length, felt really small. That extra inch in top tube on the Model C enables me to throw it around a lot easier. Sure, I know what you’re thinking “24’s aren’t BMXs, they’re cruisers”. Not the case here. The Sunday team worked hard to make the Model C ride just like their 20″ BMX bikes. With a 74.5 HTA and only minor tweakings to accommodate the 24″ wheels, the Model C rides just like their other, smaller BMXs. If you need further explanation, there’s a video of Jim bike-checking one below.

Read on for more of my thoughts on the Model C.

When I first hopped on it yesterday, I immediately thought one thing: the head tube angle makes it ride like my bruiser. I already felt the pivot point and could 180 it after a few tries, something I’ve never felt comfortable doing on a freewheel bike. I rode it around the city yesterday and it was a lot of fun, minus scaling the bridge.

Now I’m not saying I’m done with fixed. For me, this is just another bike to ride and one that offers a different feeling and challenge. So I wanna thank the guys at Sunday for hooking me up with a new love. Now if I could just transfer all my tricks over, that’d be great!

  • Vas

    You’ll love it!

  • That thing was fun to bunny hop on!

  • D

    Way to go on the BMX man, I’ve always wanted to try one of those out.

  • WANT!

    I’ve been scoping a cruiser for a while… this is perfect for what i want. one of the main things that bothered me about bmx was that the bike always felt to small.

    I gotta pick one of these bad boys up.

  • Burd

    Hell yeah, those things are sick. I’ve had a strong urge to get one since they came out, and now I think I’m going to go for it. Nice pick up!

  • antihero1972

    It still looks small with that seat slammed so low especially when you say you have a long inseam, it just seams like your knees are up to your chest when pedaling.

  • It’s not a cruiser. You ride it like a bmx. Slammed saddle, standing up… Who sits on bmx bikes and pedals?


  • Alex

    So stoked for you man. Having more bikes means you can ride more stuff, and riding more stuff means having more fun!

    Be careful though, I went from my 26in dirt jump bike to a 24in NS capital and now I’m on a 20in Fly. Its a downward spiral!

  • bobbyp

    @antihero1972 – i am 6’1″ and i ride my model c everywhere for commuting. i have a 32″ inseam and “prolly” about 3″ of seat post and i have no feelings of kneeing myself in the jaw like you do when you ride a 20″ with a slammed seat.
    and she is a way sweet rig riding cement parks and dirt jumps!

  • Craig

    This looks great! I love the logo, it’s all happy and stuff. And this solves the problem I’ve always had with BMX’s, I always thought the tiny wheels looked silly.

  • Cody

    How does it barspin? I’m 6’3″ and have been trying barspins on my roommates 20″ for weeks it feels like with no luck. The Sunday looks dope!

  • Jamal Waterford

    i miss my Sunday wave one=/ i traded it for my first fix i miss it

  • antihero1972

    “Who sits on bmx bikes and pedals?” – true that you got me there.

  • Rui

    That thing is sick. I’ve been shopping around for one of those eastern 26 inch bmx type bike bit now I think this may be it.

  • Bryan

    Thats the shorter 21.25 top tube right? Last time I checked the longer 21.75 was only available in the frame by itself. That would be the way to go.

  • bstrain

    now all you need is to fix that back wheel

  • I agree with Alex, this could be the beginning of a downward spiral. Back in the year 2000 I decided to pick up skateboarding again after riding 20″ for the majority of my teenage years. With the snake bowls and the new Hastings pool style bowl here in Vancouver, I started on a 40″ board. Soon thereafter, I went to a lighter 36″ board, and in no time I was shredding a 31-32″ board. That said, I feel like the 34-36″ was a good middle ground between stability and twitchiness, and maybe that’s where the Sunday 24 sits. I do still ride a 20″ BMX, and have no complaints about twitchiness. Glad to see you’re trying out other geometry, John! It’s a good thing.

  • Shawn

    Does anyone have a we the people avenger or avenue, they say on their site that it’s a 24 that rides like a 20 like the c model but I don’t know if it’s as good.They have one at a local shop and I could have a great deal.

  • ATXKabuki

    This bike is amazing. Even feels good with standard (made for 20″) BMX bars. Fit BMX makes one as well. I would suggest the Sunday as it comes with better stock components and looks better. Will take pegs with ease. 180s with a twitch. Stable. Easy to get the front end up.

    There are a few companies biting Sunday’s angles after years of saying it couldn’t be done. It’s that good.

  • anthony stevens

    I want this bike so bad I have 3 kids and haven’t riding in a while but Iam getting back into it and plan on hitting it hard so I need something that can hold up this bike is it now just need to save up like I said I have 3 kids lol

  • 24 and 20′ have always been BMX sizes!

  • congrats! i love my model-c. i agree with you though, i was hating life riding it both ways across the w’burg bridge this sunday.

  • Samuel Lighten

    Want one Want on Want one – gonna get one!