Drama at the 2010 Rumble Through the Bronx Alleycat Jul 16, 2010

It ain’t an NYC alleycat without some drama. Rumble Through the Bronx is one of the toughest alleycats in the country. With most of the racers on road bikes, the speed and skill involved in winning this race can only be delivered by a select few. When fierce competition takes over, shit happens. Check out this Go Pro edit Crihs shot this year to see what I’m talking about. Sketchy!

I’m not going to offer up my opinion on what happened, but feel free to voice yours in the comments.

  • JD

    that was a pretty shitty move by austin (i think thats his name). even if sketching is illegal, which i have no clue if it is, austin could have got the dude on the bike seriously hurt.

  • Regardless, such a sick vid. Way to go Crihs! Your riding is amazing.

  • SEW

    nothing to say.
    fuck i have no words

    the scence everywhere is so competitive, with messengers, commuters and roadies wanting to be the fastest, but violence is no way.
    skitching is nos my style, but

    what are the rules in an alleycat? if it’s said there are no rules?

    fuck, nothing to add. itś a pitty that happens

  • poo

    illegal? hahah im sure the guy bitching skitched at some point during this race. get over it, this aint the tour bitch

  • rdrey

    jeeesus christ! props for holding on, that move was straight dirty.

  • Wizard

    Whether you want to argue that skitching is “illegal” in an alleycat or not, that move could have caused a possibly fatal vehicular accident for all three of those dudes. Stupid stupid arrogant move on Austin’s part. Stupid.

  • Carter

    Austin is a careless jerk. Skitching is illegal? An alleycat is illegal to start off and almost all of the riding in the entire video was illegal. That was a really dangerous move and he should have had his ass beat for it. I know I wouldnt have been as calm as he was. Helmets dont work so well against car tires.

  • wow

    that move by austin(?) was fucking wrong. dude should be banished.

  • rolli

    sick video chris.

  • Tyler Johnson

    Its weird because there is at least 1 other guy in this video in front of Crihs skitching so that other guy is illegal too huh…. weird just seems like someone got mad they didnt get that skitch and pulled the most retarded move I have ever seen. Had he gone down… well I am just glad he didnt.

  • rpster

    funny how everyone is calling him out for being “arrogant” when alleycats are basically the most ego-elevating, dangerous, and illegal, urban sporting event ever made.

    no harm no foul, right?

  • Ally cats were made for couriers right? so if a courier uses skitching to get from A to B then whats the harm?

    though trying to purposely endanger a fellow rider in such a way should ban that rider from all events in that city or named and shamed..

  • Ed

    NYC alleycats didn’t always involve drama. Great video Crihs.

  • outsider

    He did warn him, right? Of course he could have let the car go, but the one in front didn’t seem to move right an inch.

    Skitching itself should be okay – thats what the whole scene is about. Violence should lead to permanent disqualification.

  • stoned tone

    first off(Carter), i would love to see your sorry ass race in ONE of my alleycats(and you aint beatin NOBODYS ass in a race either!!), and 2,THERE ARE NO RULES! Skitching…illegal! you know goddamned well you’d be doing the same shit, man. Im gonna upload the ending of Crihs’s video that only a handful have seen. Now, im a calm kinda cat, but when that shit jumped off, i was tryin to ease the situation…there were families, and children around enjoying themselves, I-IGHT!
    -Disqualification, whateva nigga.. and i agree with Ed, they dont involve drama… and now to those who post comments, and dont race….come out here and see what happens.WE DONT FUCKIN PLAY ON THESE STREETS!

  • JeffS

    Forget about the car, and to me it looks like Crihs hits Austin from behind. All he had to do was let go of the car and it wouldn’t have happened.

    He chose to win the race instead – then bitch about it.

  • roddy

    if you use your radio to get answers from your friends racing THATS cheating….. skitching has always been a part of alley cats and it always will be, unless previously specified by the race organizers……

    regardless its only a race and intentionally endangering other racers is a BITCH move…

  • nathan

    regardless of that being a dick move, there is some really sick riding in that video. I’d rather watch that than a trick track video any day.

  • Skitching no comment but that guy in front didn’t try to move out of the way but he sure got as close as possible to the guy skitching.

  • Austin

    The way the end of this event played out was unfortunate. This does not look good on video I will admit. A little final play by play would be good to help you the viewer understand what is going on.

    The final leg is through Pelham Bay Park, to a checkpoint at the end of City Island, and then back through the park to Orchard Beach.
    Coming into the final checkpoint it was JT, then me, with Chris behind. Chris ran into me at this point to try to force me into the checkpoint person or grab the brakes. I still managed to get to the checkpoint first.

    A long chase later, I caught JT. Almost out of City Island we see Chris has caught a skitch and is sitting right behind us. Okay, so a 3 man finish. All we have to do is control the car he is skitching from, not likely to be a problem on the one lane road.

    Chris however seeks to play his advantage and speaks to the people in the car, convincing them to pass us. You can see they veer into the lane of oncoming traffic to get around us. I swerve to intimidate the driver into slowing but the car is too aggressive. Because of oncoming vehicles, the car cannot go further into the oncoming lanes.

    We both wanted it. I would never try to check a rider. A car is a different story.

  • Punkture

    Skitching is not illegal in an alleycat, nor is anything, including calling your mates to find out where checkpoints are. Thats called thinking on your feet and is essential when you work as a courier and when you ride an alleycat. Noone does anything wrong in this video, especially from what Austin says. Its all seriously dangerous, even borderline idiotic but thats how it is if you wanna be the fastest.

  • Wizard

    Austin, you would “intimidate” and/or “check” a car??? You truly are an idiot.

  • zac

    I dont know anyone involved, so that being said, I prolly shouldnt even say anything, BUT, while I watched the video my thought was not “what a cunt, tryna check that dude!”, but more of “What a hardass, flexin on that car.”
    I say no harm no foul.

  • Schoe

    If you’re worried about what’s legal or not, maybe alleycats aren’t the race for you.

  • Tsar

    The first thing I saw was the guy trying to check Chris. Not a cool move, even in an illegal race. But I won’t say any more unless I see the rest of the vid.

    However, as for the legality of skitching……. I never use it, but if you want to grab on to a car, go right ahead.

    But, if you’re using violence as a way to win a race, you should be disqualified and banned from such events.

  • Dan LD

    A bunch of grown men fighting in front of little kids over a bicycle race. What else can you say.

  • Jakerock

    Hmm… Crihs trys to physically blast thru using a car, and Austin is the villian?
    This was a dishonorable move and y’all know it.
    Fess up!

  • Berto

    Austin your a fuckin coward, play fair and dont do that shit again

  • Flatty

    Great video. This is just typical baby man behavior. Placing the win over everything else. The real winners are everyone who participated and had a good time.

    My thinking is if you can use a car to win a bicycle race than other riders w/out cars should be able to block. Worried about safety? let go of the car and pedal.

  • Jp

    I like cookies

  • jose

    You three should take your lycra racing out of the city into the country side like roadies. If you carry on with alleycat’s this seriously then you might goof up one day going too fast in traffic and BAM.

    Truth –> ‘A bunch of grown men fighting in front of little kids over a bicycle race. What else can you say.’

  • Benji

    I think skitching is really dangerous. I was in a big alleycat in the bay area a couple weeks ago and the organizer started off by saying “be safe don’t blow lights, a new tire or messenger bag isn’t worth getting your head caved in” I think everyone involved in this is a little arrogant and stupid if you ask me at least lucky to be in one piece.

  • dk

    This whole “scene” is absolutely pathetic. I didn’t think I could find anything sadder than the grown men of amateur competitive cycling who dope for races in Central Park (CRCAFAGS), but amazingly I have. You make riding in the city more dangerous for all cyclists and I can’t wait to get out of this shit hole and away from class A cluster fucks like these guys.

  • Dom

    Looks like an accident to me. But good work Crihs for starting a fight and scaring a little kid.

  • David Trimble

    At the front end of the alley cat “peloton” we are all friends and hang outside the races. Because alleycats are dangerous we typically look out for each other in the races and work to get through safely together (calling out traffic, etc.) That’s what makes the move from Austin so ridiculous and stupid. Although perhaps caught up in the moment he made the choice to blatantly endanger the life of one of his “friends” If he had succeeded in knocking Crihs off his bike and “won” the race it would have been a whole lot uglier.

  • Ratchet

    Didn’t bother reading all the crying about skitchin’ being legal or not. Alleycats were created by and for messengers, it’s about the mandates of the streets, where anything goes to get from points A+B. Roadies, wanna race Aleycats because you think you’re so fast in those fancy bikes? Then learn how to do so, this ain’t no Sunday stroll thru Central Park wusses! The End!