Dave Beard: Mike Schmitt Grime Ad Jul 28, 2010

Photo by Dave Beard

While in NYC for the 2010 BFF, Dave Beard took this photo of Mike Schmitt on the Yo Mang! frame smith grinding one of the financial district’s many ledges. The Grime fam is single-handedly changing the face of fixed freestyle.

  • myspace

    I remember in one of the ampm vids there was a tag at the banks that said the grime, was that you guys but that was filmed years ago.


  • vas

    nice ad, grime is killin em, but it looks like his peg is not even touching the ledge and he’s already at the end of it.

  • hoppin off

  • Rhys

    Horrible timing.
    You guys need bmx photography 101 lessons.

  • Ryan

    Grime’s website is stolen from http://onetwentysix.com

    blatant copy and paste stealing of someone else’s hard work and ideas.

    So shameful. As a web designer, I can’t let it slide.

    I doubt they’d like someone stealing their frames, slapping some new stickers on and selling them.

  • On behalf of The Grime I would like to say that we have already talked to our web designer and are having him make us a new website.

    It looks pretty clear to me that the site is a rip.