Chris Piascik: All My Bikes 01 Jul 29, 2010

When Chris Piascik gets an idea for a series of illustrations, you know it’s gonna be good. His Major Taylor set got a lot of recognition and I’m sure this newest series, entitled All My Bikes will be the same. Here’s the first one and already I’m in love.

Chris Piascik: IDN The New Twenties
Chris Piascik: Major Taylor Zine

  • WOW. I may have to buy + frame the whole run of these. And WOW, I am commenting on this blog way to much today.

  • Thanks John! I’ll be making a drawing about my General Hustler tonight! I miss that one, haha.

  • whoa! i definitely had that bike. chrome with checkered pads. bro rode it into the ground after i had it.