Bishop Bikes: Stainless Lugs and Gilco Tubing Jul 12, 2010

Photo via Bishop Bikes’ Flickr

We’ve seen in the past that Bishop Bikes has a stockpile of rare Columbus tubesets. I referenced his photos of a complete MAX set in a Merckx Mondays post before and on his Flickr, there are photos of a Columbus Gilco and Krono TT sets. I was wondering what they’d be used for and then this morning, up pops photos of a stainless-lugged Gilco road bike. There are so many details on this frame that are just going to pop clean off the bike when it’s painted. My favorite, as seen here, is the lack of a seatpost clamp since the owner will be using a Puegeot quill-seatpost from the 1980’s.

Keep at it man, these process photos rule. I can’t wait to see the complete project! Check out the full set here.

  • Edward

    There’s a lots of quill seat post out there made by Campagnolo too, there were a short bloom in quill seatpost before they realise that the clamp is a much more convenience method;

  • poochie

    What about Gilco, are they producing bikes? I just found a weird page in FB.

  • wade

    sweet jesus … would love to see that stainless polished to within an inch of it’s life and clear coated …

  • wade

    John, Barcelona pavilion columns, hmmm?????