Bicycle Revolutions: Affinity Metropolitan Track Frames Jul 1, 2010

Does this mean I have to ride to Philly to photograph this frameset? Surely someone has studio shots of the thing! So stoked to see this project finally come to fruition. Fuzzy and Jason teamed up to produce a run of Bicycle Revolutions branded Affinity Metropolitans.

Sexy sexy! Now someone get in there with an SLR and take a good photo for me to update this post with.

  • That was a quick pic with my phone, woring on my build and gonna take some pics with my camera when it is done. I don;t think Jason had time to shoot them…

  • rutrow. talking photo shit ! come on now, we all know iphones are better than a rebel anyway

  • buttons

    if ya’ll wanna set up a shoot you know im around

  • hollatexas

    yo where in philly is the shop?