BFF 2010 Mixtape Jul 16, 2010

It’s safe to say that Mat’s NYC 2009 BFF edit was one of the best fixed freestyle edits last year. This year’s mixtape is going to be a tough one to beat. Mat was everywhere during the BFF; he even traveled to Philly for a few days. If you’ve got the time to watch it, do so!

Nice job Chuck!

Aloha Fixed 2009 NYC BFF Edit

2 responses to “BFF 2010 Mixtape”

  1. Fuzzy says:

    Definitely captured some epic moments, glad I was there to have seen some of it happen.
    I might be getting old but feel a little funny about the blatant substance consumption, think about the children YO!
    Good times for sure.

  2. PANDEMIC901 says: