Ash Can Collection: Unlucky 13 Tee Jul 20, 2010

Pretty clever little tee design from the guys at Ash Can Collection. Here’s their description:

“In the cycling world, due to superstition, riders who draw the number 13 are permitted to wear the number upside-down. Some even find that inverting the 13 actually brings good luck. Cancellara can attest to that!”

Grab one right here.

  • Rui

    $60 for a tee shirt, these dudes ahve some sense of humor!

  • I was stoked about this ’till I saw the price point. They DO have a sense of humor!

  • True. We do have a sense of humour. The price is no joke though.

    We are an Australian based company, and therefore, as stated on the main shop page and the individual item page “*PRICES ARE IN AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS*”. $60(AUS) is an average price for a tee here in Australia. I do, however, realise that may not be attractive to those readers in the US.

    Glad you liked the design though.

  • Kelly C

    Yeah, so today, the conversion of $60 AUD to USD would put this shirt at $53.89 for us in the states. Still rather dear. Out of curiosity, I looked up some t-shirts at different shops in Australia where the prices ranged from 12 AUD to 50 AUD. I could be wrong, but the price point still seems a bit absurd to me. Great idea for a design, though!