A Day in 10 Photos 07.17.2010 Jul 22, 2010

Well it’s been a whirlwind of a week since I’ve gotten back from Los Angeles. LA Brakeless‘ Summer Fix event was one hell of a time. It was hands down the biggest fixed freestyle comp, trumping all others in many aspects and in others, adding a new perspective to the sport. These photos are way past due, so without anymore beating around the bush, here they are. It’s great to see Slaylor back on a bike and acting like his usual self!

Check out nine more photos below!

Another familiar face was in attendance. Keo reppin’.

Matt Spencer has quickly become one of my favorite riders to watch. His style is so 700c-specific that it’s grown on me. Tire slides, nasty tweaks and fast, fluid lines. Keep killing it man.

My homie (and nudest) Santos on the quarter.

Slaylor throwin them 3’s.

Mr. Tracko sporting the ironic shirt and hair-do.

Wonka knocking the walls down all day!

At the end of the day, it was one of the hardest competitions to judge. Who comes up with the standard for rider grouping and who gets first? The super consistent and smooth rider or the guy who broke himself off pushing the sport and his own riding? It wasn’t easy and if there was ever a tie for first, it woulda been this comp. Throwing competitions creates schisms and that’s the last thing I try to do with my voice. Even with three judges, we were all stumped. All I can say is Wonka and Congo are phenomenal riders and you dudes are pushing this sport like few others.

When it all is said and done, the LA Brakeless Summer Fix opened a can of energy into the sport proving that yes, this is a legit sport. Now whether or not you take it seriously, or just have plain fun riding a fixed bike and doing reappropriated tricks on it is up to you.

Remember one thing, encourage people to ride.

Men, women, boys or girls. Doesn’t matter. Bikes are bikes and let’s ride them! Big ups to LA Brakeless, Anna, Dave, George and everyone who helped out throwing this, pat yourselves on the back!

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  • Young gun

    what is going on with the mash in the last pic? full on hott mess status

  • Thanks Prolly. Great pictures!

  • RJCrouch

    @young gun. It looks like her weight is back on her right leg (pedaling backwards) so she may be doing a friction spin

  • rhys

    Has Keo been in the gym? I swear he was a bit chubby!!

  • That mash is just not right. not right.

  • alucardbelmont

    those pics are nice. LA is always on point with bike related events, but what is up with that girls mash + trick fork? … damn..how is that even possible..

  • D

    Last pic is infinite lolz.

  • yea, you’re right, the Mash should be with track gearing, drops, clipless pedals and only making left turns on a velodrome.

    Back-story. Devan put down a deposit on an ESB months ago. When she wrecked her Vigorelli, she found herself without a bike for Summer Fix. Since Cinelli doesn’t have a trick frame, they sent her that frame and some fork for her to ride.

    Let’s be honest, she’s not doing anything that would break the frame.

  • cory kroeger

    im glad i got to be in one of the pictures ha

  • diego, ryd!

    Sick picks prolly….

  • For 500+ photos of this fixed gear event, hit up http://www.expatpictures.com and click on events.

  • L

    even if it’s not meant to be a trickbike, there is a reason why she rode it…

    but what really saddens me is that obviously there are a lot of stubborn people in the so called “scene”
    which part of: “Men, women, boys or girls. Doesn’t matter. Bikes are bikes and let’s ride them!”
    is so hard for you to understand?

    just reminds me of all those “true” scenepolice hardcore guys…seems to be human nature…

    i just don’t get it…sorry!