A Day in 10 Photos 07.06.2010 Jul 7, 2010

It’s been like hell on Earth here in NYC the past two days. With temperatures well above 100° F, the entire 5 Burroughs are feeling the pressure! I couldn’t even manage to stay outside long enough to take photos so I headed to a few shops in lower Manhattan to say hey to some friends. First up was Bicycle Habitat‘s newly-opened expansion. With bike shops becoming ever-so-popular nowadays, some shops are opening separate wings that focus on high-end components and frames.

Check out more photos below!

The fresh build-out showcases some of the premiere brands they carry.

As a Cinelli retailer, Habitat has the 2010 Cinelli Mash frames in stock.

From there, I went by Rapha’s Cycling Club to check out the Tour.

The space is starting to fill-out with product nicely. I’ve always wanted one of those Hampsten jerseys.

My Merckx parked in the indoor bike parking rack.

If you’re free, you should catch the tour at the space before work.

… and ring their cowbell.

Speaking of jerseys, these Tourmalet summer jerseys are so nice.

Not a bad way to escape the heat. Unfortunately, me sitting at my desk isn’t exciting to look at. It’s too hot to go outside today!

  • d.patrick

    man ive been in that first store and i never knew it was called habitat.

  • aj

    awww 100 degrees… pussy.

  • #1. NYC is an island. One that’s covered in asphalt, concrete and cars.
    #2. We don’t have “water holes” to swim in
    #3. Humidity.
    #4. Fuck you

  • aj

    1. i love you john.
    2. i shouldnt make fun its be relatively cool down here, heat around 93 and humdity of 89%.
    3. come down and visit to escape the heat
    4. el nino

  • Dan

    Every time I see the the words followed by a dotted date in my RSS feed, I get excited to read your next Day in 10 photos post, John. I don’t know if it’s a sub-conscious stalker side I have in me, or what, but I quite strangely really enjoy them…

  • Hvar

    Yeah..The a day in 10 photos is always sweet.
    And as a norwegian, I love the photo of Thor Hushovd in Norwegian jersey crossing the finish line as #1. Fuck Cav..